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WholeMed Health (WMH) is a health care service committed to providing patient’s who are seeking treatment options for their chronic and disabling health conditions. WMH is a medical cannabis clinic.


Physician Referral is Required

WholeMed Health is dedicated to helping patients live a better and fulfilling quality of life through a complete patient centred process which includes the following: comprehensive medical screening, physician assessment and supervision, and ongoing counselling, education and navigation from our consultants.

Medical Screening and Appointments

Our Team initiates the process by screening patients for a consultation appointment. A referral from a family doctor with supporting medical documentation is necessary. Once the documents are received and the patient is considered a prospective candidate for medical cannabis, WholeMed Health will then proceed to schedule an appointment to see a physician.

Physician’s Assessment

The physician reviews the complete file and completes the assessment and determines the appropriate dosages suited for the patient’s personal medical condition. Following a successful assessment by the physician, a prescription is issued. WholeMed Health Team will complete all necessary documents for patients to streamline the process.

Patient Education

WholeMed Health is knowledgeable on cannabis, cannabinoids therapy and treatment options. Our consultant provides patients with education and information on strain selection, products, product use and effective ways of administering the product, and its adverse effects. Information on Health Canada’s Licensed Producers (LP), the registering of the patient and the navigation of the ordering process is completed by WMH.

WholeMed Health adheres to Health Canada Regulations under the “Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations” (ACMPR). WMH provides information on the legality of medical cannabis and its restrictions to ensure patient safety and optimize care.

Follow-up and Support
Follow-up and Support

Our doctor will communicate a consult letter to the referring physician on the status of their patient and prescription for medical cannabis. WMH will schedule the patient a follow up medical visit with our physician. WholeMed Health is committed to providing on going patient team care and provides support to our patients.

Medical Cannabis improves the quality of life for patients and their families. It also enhances patient’s physical and emotional well- being and provides for family the ability to care for their loved ones.


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WholeMed Health Inc.

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